The Veronin Sisters on Owning a Media Company

The Veronin Sisters on Owning a Media Company

If Sophia Amoruso had twin baby girls with a Taiwanese sperm donor, I'd imagine they'd resemble something like the Veronin sisters. Brainy yet silly and brave yet vulnerable, the duo puts their creative endeavors out-on-the-line for all to see. Not to mention, they've worked on projects like New York Fashion Week and spoken out for gender equality under Taiwanese platform Womany. (Their fictitious mother in this scenario would be proud). 

Esther—the brainy one and graduate of a private University in Southern California—and Lara— the party rocker and up-and-coming Taiwanese pop star—are self-proclaimed "frenemies" in business together. In 2013, pulling on the influences of their American-Taiwanese upbringing, they started Meimei Wawa Multimedia as a means “to bridge cultural gaps between the East and West, while curating strong messages of female empowerment through their sassy, spark-filled selection of short films, music, social media and lifestyle content.”

So, what is "Meimei Wawa"? 

Lara: Hopefully when you look us up, you’ll find [our site], and not a Japanese blow-up doll company.

Esther: They took that down…

Lara: That’s another story…

What’s it like to work with your sister? What’s it like to be a millennial and female in this industry? What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? What do you wish more people knew about Taiwanese culture?

These are just a few of the questions covered in this episode, along with moments when Esther and Lara complete each other’s sentences:

“We’re just two sisters trying to get along.”

And entertain us all, I might add. Silly banter aside, the Veronin sisters offer a lot of practical advice for both professional and personal development, from how the sudden death of their mother strengthened their vision and tips for staying the course through the ups and downs of owning your own business. 

“We’re trying to make every moment meaningful; if you can do that in your job and in your life, then there’s really nothing more fulfilling than that,” says Esther. 

For more fun with these two, check out some of their video series and music below: 



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