About this Podcast & Blog

Women who stray from the status quo, create their own paths and inspire

The women interviewed on this podcast include entrepreneurs, journalists, creators, philanthropists, traveling mothers and so on. Whatever the endeavor, it either depends entirely on her work abroad or has been inspired as a result of it. I want to know how these women did it, what fueled them, what they've learned, what's worked well in the process and what hasn't. 

Through these discussions, I hope to demystify the fears that hold many of us back from defining—or redefining—what it is we want out of life, without losing sight of the realities and, often, hardships of the process itself. 

In asking how stepping outside of their comfort zones (and country borders) has changed their lives, I hope to inspire others to do the same—to embrace the unknown with WONDER WOMAN strength and live more open, fulfilling lives.